The Palm Beach County Action Alliance for Mental Health identifies, prioritizes, and takes action to promote and support education, early identification and access to mental health services in Palm Beach County.
Palm Beach County
Action Alliance for Mental Health
For information  call 561-866-1850 or email brpromis@gate.net

Boca Raton's Promise is a 501C3 non-profit agency and fiscal agent for the Palm Beach County Action Alliance for Mental Health.

(c) PBC Action Alliance for Mental Health - 2013
What Do We Know?

Mental illness is more common than you think

  What's it all about?

  • Talking about community mental health
  • Understanding impact of mental illness
  • Educating families, schools, and workplaces

  Why talk?

  • Listening to others supports understanding essential to creating safe homes and schools
  • Opening discussion fosters stakeholder collaboration
  • Collaboration saves money, and fosters access to services
An amazing night at the 2014
FTI Consulting
Great Charity Challenge!
Boca Raton’s Promise won $18,500 to help fulfill our promise to keep mental health on the front burner in Palm Beach County.
This incredible event at the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center in Wellington raised $2.25 million for charities across Palm Beach County.  Boca Raton’s Promise extends appreciation to the FTI Consulting Great Charity Challenge and Equestrian Sports Productions, and our sponsors, Cynthia Sulzberger and Steven Green.  Thanks also to our team of riders, and especially to our supporters who helped move the wagon a bit further along.  For more information on the FTI Consulting Great Charity Challenge, please visit http://www.ftigreatcharitychallenge.com/
gift will be multiplied with bonus dollars from the Community Foundation and Give Local America. 

We can also win ADDITIONAL CASH PRIZES from special contests. $500 goes to the organization that receives the donation closest to the official time of SUNRISE OR SUNSET.  There is also a “Double Down” price of $1000 if we are the first organization to receive a single gift of $1000.  Please mark the date, May 6, on your calendar!

To make a donation, click on Great Give PBC, or visit:  http://greatgivepbc.org/#npo/boca-ratons-promise-the-alliance-for-youth

Breaking the Silence in Palm Beach County is excited to be one of the approved charities for Great Give PBC, a 24-hour online event celebrating the spirit of giving. 

Great Give PBC takes place on Tuesday, May 6.

Anyone can make a donation of $10 or more anytime that day and every